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2018 Project 365 – Week Sixteen

Flowers, crochet, and a dab of silliness – this week’s pictures reflect the Bug Household fairly well, I do believe. Sunday, April 15th No Sunday selfie this week – just pictures of all of our lovely flowers.

 This is the sixth crochet square pattern in my last colorway. (I guess I could have straightened the square up before its photo shoot - oops!)

Monday, April 16th This lunch isn’t much to look at, but the tuna & trail mix melt was pretty darned tasty!

Dr. M decided we didn’t have enough flowers, so he got another basket of petunias. And we’ve already seen a hummingbird enjoying this basket! No picture, but hopefully we’ll be ready the next time.

Tuesday, April 17th On to the next square pattern, #7, in my first colorway.

Wednesday, April 18th We had planned to put a black bag over this stump to discourage this type of activity, but we can’t help it: we like to see things grow. Even things that we’ll probably prune later.

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